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Hello Everyone! Welcome to the new section of CiciMustSee. So your favourite show has come to an end, fear not I’ll put you on to something new! Keep on Scrolling

Here you will find updates on what to watch online. I’ll be sharing with you, what’s on,  and what’s new on various platforms.

Shooter is my new favourite show. I’m really enjoy this. Make sure you check it out!



Get ready to connect with artificial intelligence. We have already been exposed to this, but could you image owning one of these? Humans is back on 4, Sunday nights at 9pm. You can catch season 1 on All 4 now.


Here is a little something to keep you busy. If you have not had a chance to watch The Last Kingdom, you can catch up now on Netflix. If you like a good period drama you’ll enjoy this.


I am currently watching this show and it is fantastic. Costing 100 million dollars to produce,  this series has done an excellent job at portraying the Royal Family. Discover The young Queen of England and her journey, the ups and the downs, only on Netflix!

See the trailer.


It sounds so random but this show is actually very hilarious. Crazy Ex Girlfriend is brilliant!   If you are not watching this you need to. It’s funny, not too serious and makes you feel fuzzy inside. Check out Rachel Bloom talking about the show on Jimmy Kimmel.

See trailer too.


How to get away with Murder Season 3. Make sure you check out this show. If you are behind you can catch up on season 1 on Netflix.


13th is a well documented narrative of the American prison system. The criminalisation of black people in the media, politics, and in society is illustrated in this documentary. You  must watch this! It’s on Netflix now! See the trailer below.


The Get Down Part 1

If you have not been watching The Get Down, where have you been? Don’t worry you have plenty of time to catch up. Right now the cast are in rehearsals working on part 2. Check out Justice sneaking up on his cast mate. Looks like fun. We can’t wait till next year.

@judymarte @brandonjdirden wasn't even surprised …

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