Hugh Jackman did it justice in Logan! Review 

Hugh Jackman has been playing the role of The Wolverine for 17 years, for some of us, that is a huge part of our childhood. Sharing the spotlight with newcomer Dafne Keen, this flick takes an entirely different turn. It is a little unexpected, but entirely understandable; and for those who grew up with The Wolverine, by the end you’ll feel so old, you may just want to cry.

The opening scene, Logan merely is not ready for a fight, yet he manages to cut off a few arms and legs of some trouble-makers. Struggling for money and a  severe drinking problem, Logan finds himself somewhat of an Uber driver. His potty mouth is a reminder that this movie is not for kids.

Looking after Charles Xavier, Sir Patrick does an excellent job playing a bumbling old man. We instantly feel sorry for him, as the man who we once knew was no longer the same. His rants and awkward emotions have left him trapped in a huge container and unable to control his mutant abilities. He is forced to take pills and attempts to cope, yet he finds himself fighting to keep Logan stable.

This emotional journey of growing old is a running theme throughout the movie. It’s a subtle reminder that it’s a part of life, taking the Marvel universe outside of its time and bringing it into the real world in a very unique way. Referring back to comic books, Logan is disgusted by them, calling them “lies” while the others use it as their guide to Eden.

Laura played by Keen shows up on the scene, and her skill set reminds us of someone special. Her strength, power and her ability to take on any challenger is a reminder of who Logan once was. She tells us of youth and the energy being young possess. As the relationship between Xavier and Logan develops we see a father & son bond between them, something they have always had throughout the Marvel films.  Their closeness shines through, and  Logan’s love/hate attitude towards Charles works exceptionally well on screen. The humour is well placed, and the fighting scenes are epic, but be prepared for some beautiful view turn ugly.

This movie creates an opportunity for something more, but it is left open to interpretation. Rumour has it that Dafne Keen will be starring in her own X-Men flick this young girl did a fantastic job in the movie, but only time will tell what her legacy will be.

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