3 Cool Online Short Films!

The online space is opening doors for talented individuals to showcase their film skills.  Content creation is everywhere, and I have managed to pull myself away from a few London Premieres to take a quiet moment to enjoy a few shorts online, and of course, here at #CiciMustSee, I love to share what I’m watching. Check out my reviews on these 3 short films online. (In no particular order).




Exceptional quality short from @CdeeqFilmmaker based in the US residing in Atlanta this Director Writer and Filmmaker is doing it all. This exciting 4 minute short is gripping dark and consuming. With excellent effects and a compelling storyline, its complexity and character development are on an outstanding level. Atmospheric sounds and heighten emotions jam-packed into 4 minutes leaves the audience wanting more.

While there is an element of clarity still required this short is breaking into the superhero territory and there is room. As proven by Black Panther Black superheroes work and there is the space for new blood to join the world of black superhero excellence. Only 4 minutes long the taste for more is there, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this character. A work of art.

Check out HHELP below!.


Because of the Internet
Starring Romel Rose

2. Because of the Internet:

The fantastic Romel Rose (Director, Writer, Producer) stars in this 24 minute short neatly packaged with important messaging for a millennial audience. A young man finds himself snapping a few selfies on the gram, as his break up with his girlfriend inspires his journey to seek new found love.  Moving at a moderate pace, we are introduced to a few characters and the film elicits a real-life feel, allowing the audience to empathise with the reality of the internet.

With clean visual and quality audio, this short is well thought out, and its simplicity gives the audience space to think about the messages portrayed. The characters reflect the reality of the internet, and the on-screen graphics and sound effects fit beautifully into the film. The subplot was nicely introduced creating an understanding of why the main characters desire for female attention manoeuvred his choices. The film is very well put together with an all rounded superb effort from Mr Rose.

Watch Because of the Internet Now!



inside A Lost African Tribe

3. Inside a Lost African Tribe Still Living in India Today:

Be prepared to get your mind blown this documentary short is educational and the visuals are incredibly beautiful. For those that do not know Africans were stolen and taken to all parts of the world and in this short, we find ourselves in India with the decedents of African slaves. Mistreated by the Indian population, this short documentary is insightful and telling.

Living in hardship the only safety is in the forest the cinematography sounds and narration is the perfect guide. This 13 minute short is worth a watch and will challenge your perceptions on Indian Africans. Take a trip across the globe and discover this lost tribe.

Check out Inside a Lost African Tribe Still Living in India Today.



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