BlacKkKlansman A Spike Lee Joint

Spike Lee and Jordan Peele have teamed up for this movie, and the reviews are crazy. The film was shown at Cannes, and my sources tell me there was a 10-minute standing ovation.

Right now race relations in the USA has got everyone talking, so the timing of this movie seems accurate.

This film is based on Stallworth’s memoir Black Klansman, where he shares how he joins the KKK. How you ask?

Well, Lee and Jordan deliver this plotline by sharing with us Ron Stallworth. He is the first African American to work in Colorado Springs Police force. Going undercover to infiltrate the Klan Stallworth and his co-worker risk their lives while reaching the highest levels in the KKK.


Will you watch Lee and Jordan team up in this 1978 movie?

Check out the trailer here!