BlacKkKlansman A Spike Lee Joint

Spike Lee and Jordan Peele have teamed up for this movie, and the reviews are crazy. The film was shown at Cannes, and my sources tell me there was a 10-minute standing ovation.

Right now race relations in the USA has got everyone talking, so the timing of this movie seems accurate.

This film is based on Stallworth’s memoir Black Klansman, where he shares how he joins the KKK. How you ask?

Well, Lee and Jordan deliver this plotline by sharing with us Ron Stallworth. He is the first African American to work in Colorado Springs Police force. Going undercover to infiltrate the Klan Stallworth and his co-worker risk their lives while reaching the highest levels in the KKK.


Will you watch Lee and Jordan team up in this 1978 movie?

Check out the trailer here!



Black Lightning Vs Luke Cage 

This post is for the superheroes fans!

If you don’t know, Black Lightning has entered the Netflix collection, and I’ve decided to analyse Marvels Luke Cage alongside it. There may be some spoilers so if you are yet to watch you may want to skip this post.

Black Superheros are on the rise, and I’m here for it. It’s great to see a different view, we have been to Wakanda and discovered the African skies and the Black Panther, so now, let’s hang out with Luke Cage and Black Lightning.

About Black Lightning (BL)

BL is a high school principal in a place called Freeland; he has retired from his role as Black Lightning after it impacted his marriage and his lifestyle. BL played by Cress Williams, is desperately seeking a healthy life, but when you are a superhero, everything is far from ordinary. Trouble arises again, and BL is forced to return.



  • It is great to see such a diverse cast and new actors on screen. New faces make it easier to buy into the characters
  • BL  is a great male role model he is a high school principal and genuinely cares about his students
  • BL beats the stereotypes that are usually used to portray the black family. Although he is separated from his wife he has a healthy parental relationship and the family dynamics are relatively positive.
  • BL wife is a Neuroscientist this is usually a male-dominated role, but she owns it
  • BL is about keeping the streets and the school safe


  • The writing is not persuasive, the script at times seems to fall short
  • There are many unexplained elements, and when mentioned it is uncovered by using a simple line from a character, and it feels lazy
  • The acting from the main villain is very wooden and very theatre
  • BL’s suit is not thought out the goggles are not enough to hide his true identity and the lightning bolts on the chest don’t work
  • Difficulty understanding the location is it a real place or fake?
  • The LALA storyline needs further explaining (very weird)
  • Not the highest budget, or a variety of locations 
  • Ending was dissapointing who does the mother know and did they help? 

This series is watchable, it’s something new for us in the UK as this is far from regular TV.  Check out the trailer for Black Lightning here.


About Luke Cage (LC)

LUKE giphy

Luke Cage is Marvels superhero; he came on the scene at a time when Black people needed him most. Set in the tough parts of new york and police brutality Luke Cage is on a Mission. I’m patiently waiting for a Season 2, but for now, there is enough on Netflix to keep us all occupied.


  • Big names and exceptional acting, everyone is excellent on screen, and all the character takes this fictional world into the real world, and that transition is so smooth
  • Cotton Mouth is the best Villan, you always know you have a great villain when you like the character, (it’s the same feeling you get with Killmonger in Black Panther (Shout out to Michel b Jordan), its all about the villains we love
  • The depth of the storyline is brilliant and the way the subplots beautifully intertwine work well
  • Its great Cage doesn’t have a superhero outfit, that makes it feel real, even when alluded to
  • The hooded sweater Cage wears bring so much symbolism around the BLM movement and what it means
  • I was first introduced to Rapper Jidenna from Luke Cage, putting real artist as a part of the show gives that authenticity
  • The marvel universe intertwines well with Luke Cage; he doesn’t feel like a stand-alone character
  • Beautifully done (for the culture)


  • Not enough episodes
  • Taking far too long to return
  • Villian is gone too early
  • The ending could have been better, felt a little rushed


In conclusion, while Black Lightning is an easy watch, it doesn’t have the same quality as Luke Cage. Details and depth displayed in Luke Cage, and for the most part, the pace gives the audience time to marinate on the artistry. The exclusive artists and actors took Luke Cage to a different level. Luke this one goes to you. New Episodes for Luke Cage arrive June 22!

What are your thoughts on the two shows? Comment Below


Just in Case You Missed It! #CiciMustSee

Hey Movie Fans,

It’s Friday the sun is shining, and of course, CiciMustSee is here giving you the scoop. Don’t worry, if you have not seen these films find out what’s hot and what not! Accompanied by my fellow film buffs HJ and David watch us having a chat on your favourite film show 🙂

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Ready Player One Review 

If you want to watch an over the top Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film you’ll find it here.

Ready Player One didn’t do what I expected. While the concept of a computer game being the centre of the worlds universe, sounds interesting the movie didn’t deliver in ways it could have.

The plotline of the movie is based on the novel by Earnest Cline which is an excellent novel in comparison to the movie. Anyway, the film is about a dystopian 2044, following a young man named Wade Watts on his search for an Easter egg in a mega global virtual reality game. Upon obtaining the egg, the character will inherit the game creator’s fortune.
It was far too predictable, and the narration at the start of the movie went on far too long. Give the people a chance to understand the film through the action rather than a voiceover explaining everything in the first 15 minutes.

The orphan storyline has been done from Harry Potter to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to name a few, and while the special effects are fantastic, the plotline drags.

However, this film is excellent for kids its engaging and the visuals are there. However, the acting at times felt like a tv film rather than a cinema release.

I had high hopes for this movie, but it just fell flat. I can’t say it was terrible there were some nostalgic elements to the film, and the reference to what the future may be like was appreciated, but the movie is far too cheesy with Disney style villains.



3 Films that are a #CiciMustSee 

Hey Movie Fans, 

Check out my short list  of film you must CiciMust See! What are your thoughts? Comment below let me know!!! 

1.Avengers Infinity War  (April 2018)

The first of an Epic two-part instalment of the MCU’s Avengers. This film is a Cici MustSee as it brings together the largest ensemble cast of Big Name Hollywood actors ever assembled in film history. “There’s nothing fun about re-balancing the universe” (Thanos)… Maybe if your the guy doing the rebalancing or the unfortunate souls trying to stop him, but for the rest of us this is fun on Coke! (Coca-Cola the caffeinated highly sugared beverage known to lead to hyperactive behavior of course).

We can’t wait to watch as Thor, Hulk and the remnants of Asgard head to Earth on a Collision course with the Gaurdians of the Galaxy. 

 Thanos and his legion of Universe destroying Minions, the current roster of Avengers Oldboys, and the new recruits (Spidey, Doc Strange, and The Black Panther). There is going to be so much going on they had to spread it over an action-packed adrenaline pumping two-parter. The hype is so high the only way for this to go is down. So Fingers crossed it doesn’t disappoint but even if its slightly off the mark it could well be the best thing on screens this year or for the next few years. IMO (In My Opinion) it can’t go wrong! Go watch it!

Release date: April 27th


2.Kings (April 2018)

Can we get a mention for the Sister Halle Berry at next years Oscar’s as she brings the Real Life story of the fallout and aftermath of the Rodney King incident in LA to the big screen. In this gritty hard hitting film about a woman trying to do the right thing by her family she is forced to bring up her young Black boys and girls in a world that doesn’t see them as equal or even human. We have not seen Berry in a while so it always a delight even though the movie is a tough watch. 

The film humanizes the black family despite it being in its most impoverished and destitute showing the love that exists there in the face of hatred. 

It doesn’t shy away from the violence that was invoked at the time or the racial tension that existed but gives us a beacon of hope in the Mothers relationship with her Neighbour (Daniel Craig). What I take from this film, is that even in the darkest of places we must find the light and head toward it. Looking forward this one, another #CiCiMustSee! Go Watch!

Release Date: April 27

3.Solo: A Star Wars Story (May 2018)

Much like the MCU, Disney in its capitalist World encompassing quest for total Box Office domination is churning out its bi-yearly filler story in the chasm between the main canonical installment of  Star Wars films. This year Solo: A Star Wars Story gives us some backstory to our friends Solo and Chewy and how they met. It is filled with some familiar faces (or voices) and with the extremely talented Donald Glover taking up the role as Lando Calrissian, and Lupita Nyongo reprising her role as Maz Kanata an acquaintance of Solo’s first introduced to viewers at the end of his life in the main Star Wars timeline. With the relatively unknown Alden Enrenreich taking up the leading role as Han Solo. Worth a watch especially if your a Star Wars Geek.
Release date: May 25th


Sweet Country Film Review

I got the privilege of watching Sweet Country and spoke about it on the TV show London Film Club. For those that missed it, the upload will arrive soon so stay tuned. In the meantime check out some of my thoughts on the film below.

Set in the 1920’s Australian outback this Western brings something unique in its style. Sam Kelly is an Aboriginal man who kills a White man in self-defence, and we are taken on a journey while he is hunted down.

Director Warick Thornton incorporates  Aboriginal people into the film seamlessly, bringing to life a story that’s frequently hidden. The Aboriginal people have and are still suffering in their land, and there is no justice. With a beautiful landscape set against harsh reality, Sweet Country takes its time to educate you. Films like this don’t come around often, and it presents as a hidden treasure.

The story of the black man suffering is not unique as most of us know the oppressive history but the film targets its audience well and challenges the idea of a “sweet country” however, the truth is the country has been built off the back of horrific torture and abuse. The film alludes to this through one man’s story and focuses on his journey.

The leading actor Hamilton Morris delivers, and we buy into his character. Sam Neil is a great peacemaker and plays a preacher showing compassion, believing all people are created equal and gives a soft edge to the film.  Sweet Country delivers and while the ending feels slightly rushed the movie takes you on a path worth following.

Check out the trailer below. This one is a #CiciMustSee






If you have not seen this movie go and see it. It is unapologetically black and beautiful.  Check out my spoiler-free review right here.

First of all Micheal B Jordan is terrific in the movie. His performance as KillMONGER embodied the character. He is cold, and chilling the crazy type of villain that makes you curious about him I know, it sounds twisted. Let me explain. Jordan used Killmonger to highlight the impact of being a black man in America who gets separated from his Wakanda roots. He showed the greed Killmonger learned from the west and the idea of love is gone. Even when experiencing loss and pain it merely fed the darkness within.  Killmonger is angry, frustrated hurting and wanted to take down all who stood in his way. While the character is dark there is an understanding, he wasn’t a villain for the sake of being one, there is a hardship felt that only a people could truly understand. The characters and the concept was created during the civil rights era and for the film to be truly  appreciated understanding the origins of the comics helps. 

mike giphy.gif

Chadwick Boseman is the perfect Black Panther, it took me a while to get used to his accent, but Chadwick held it down, and after a while, you learn to accept it. His character is kind, caring and while he is struggling with being the Black Panther, when he is around there is a sense of safety in the midst of danger.  His calming nature a side that is often not reflected on the screen when portraying a Black man came forth, and it was epic. His relationship with his little sister is so lovely to see, and he is continuously sourrounded by strong women its perfect.

It is beautiful to see a familiar face in Letitia Wright when we spoke she was delightful. Watching her play Shuri is so exciting, it is always great to see a young woman live her dreams.  When talking with LW, she shared her faith with me and how much it means to her, and this links beautifully with her character in the movie. She is excellent in the film and is a phenomenal actress on the rise.


Danai Jekesai Gurira wow! This woman showed what black women are made of. Powerful, boldly beautiful, and will stand up for a good Black Panther.  Her beauty rained supreme in the movie, I love her passion for Wakanda and her willingness to die to serve her country. It makes perfect sense her country loves her and she loves it. Okoye is a real soldier, and she defends the throne she and Lupita are the representations young black girls need and their performance together is excellent to watch.


I have got to give it up to the OG’S in the game from way back in the day Forest
Whitaker and  Angela Bassett when Aunty and Uncle are in a movie you better get ready to pay attention. While they didn’t have huge roles in the film, their presence is always felt even when they are not shown. Two of my favourites on screen at the same time, the joy is real.

aunty giphy.gif

I can’t say anything wrong about the film because there is nothing wrong to say. The pages of the comic book come to life and if you really  understand the Marvel Universe and the historical origins this movie will not be dissapointing. The film is so impressive, visual effects are epic, and Wakanda looks excellent (I’m working on my citizenship). It’s so good to see the positive representation of black identity on the screen, it’s long overdue, but with the success of Black Panther, I’m sure there will be more to come.

Black Panther beautifully highlights the aspects of Africa that isn’t taught. It’s a movie that challenges misconceptions and tears apart stereotypes. 

Black Panther is 100% excellent make sure you check out the extended trailer for Black Panther here: