Django Movie Premiere

It’s always fun to watch a movie but nothing beats seeing the on screen actors in person. Tonight I enjoyed the company of Kerry Washington, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L Jackson and Q Tarantino!

Django, the epic western that meets a beautiful love story really showed its fantastic colours.

Jamie Foxx appeared in style in a fresh suit with a smooth trim. Dancing as he strut his stuff to Jay Z track titled ‘Clique’ Jamie truly was the life of the party! The beautiful Kerry Washington appeared in a white dress that had a horse printed on the front, which she dedicated to the movie. Her fun and friendly personality shined through as she walked down the white carpet.

Mr T himself interesting as always he was nice and he too was friendly and fun.
Unfortunately Samuel L Jackson was not in the mood and presented himself as very miserable. He refused to take pictures and gave a brief wave. Oh dear Sammy perhaps the UK is just too cold for your “hot acting swag”

Leo Dicaprio didn’t make an appearance but maybe next time. Let’s hope he makes up for it in his appearance in Django. Lastly Christopher showed up although his refusal to take a picture with me leaves me with not much to say lol!

I hope you enjoy Django Unchained I surely enjoyed tonight’s premiere!



Mr J Foxx stars in this western kick ass movie, Django. The D is silent by the way just give you all a head up on that.
Quentin Tarantino and his wonderfully creative abstract mind has returned with Django Unchained. This controversial yet imaginative movie will keep you gripped and on your toes. 

Based in the South  before the Civil War, Django as Jamie Foxx, a slave whose savagely violent history with his former owners puts him face-to-face with German-born bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz).  With the great help of his mentor, Django is set to save his wife (Kerry Washington) from the evil Mississippi plantation owner, but this help doesn’t exactly come for free.

Obviously, I have no intention of giving away too much details, however this is a  Cici’s must see’s for sure!

I will be attending  the film premiere to keep all my bloggers up to date. Make sure you GO GO GO and see this film. Leave a comment and let me know if you enjoyed it. Was it a Cici must see for you? I’m pretty sure you’ll like this. I mean if you like a bit of Jamie Foxx, Dicaprio, Washington, with the finishing touches of Tarantino then I believe you shouldn’t be disappointed.

The Life of Pi

Today, I joined the crowds of people watching The Life of Pi.
This beautiful well-written story will leave you discussing the film once the credits appear.

The fantastic visuals and excellent 3D quality will surely leave your eyes amazed.

Be sure to wear your 3D glasses at all times and become a part of the movie.
With nature at its finest and exotic animals throughout,
The Life of Pi is a Cici must See

The film is set in India where a young boy is faced with many choices and experiences. We see him grow up,  as he begins to tell the story of his life. The emotive feel and the superb film quality  will show you life as an Indian boy. His funny, personality will draw you to his character. Directed by Ang Lee this movie has direction and flare.  Join Pi and his theorem in The Life of Pi 



Chris Brown has the Battle of the year in 2013

If you love your dance films, you will love this.

Chris Brown stars in the January 2013 movie BATTLE OF THE YEAR. We all know Chris has gone through some battles of his own, but I would like to think, that he has come out on the other side. He has decided to show us his acting skills and show off his best dance routines in this dance story.

Most dance films tend to do the same thing but this film shows something different. An American b-boy crew heads to France to compete at the Battle of the Year International Championships. With a few twists and turns, bumps and hiccups these boys have got to work together in order to win.

It’s possible this film will get a lot of attention based on the massive Chris Brown fan base. We can all vouch for his brilliant dancing skills so he won’t disappoint there, but what are Mr Brown’s acting skills like? Guess you’ll have to wait and see. 

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting film this is the one for you. Chris Brown fans you won’t want to miss it.