Bohemian Rhapsody Review & Exclusive World Premiere Pics

Hello Movie Fans,

This movie is amazing, I was not a Queen fan prior but after this movie, I am officially a Freddie Mercury fan. 🙂 *Radio Gaga Clap Clap*

Bohemian Rhapsody is a beautiful celebration of Queen, their excellent music and extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury.  The film explores the rise of the band and their songs and revolutionary sound. While the movie is about Queen the focus is really on Freddie Mercury and it’s a tribute to his legacy and his fabulous talent. Having suffered greatly without Queen, Freddie reunites with his bandmates just in time for a smashing Live Aid performance.  Freddie leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music.

First, let’s begin with the main actor Rami Malek he embodied Freddie, it was like watching the real deal. Malek’s movements style and his speech pattern in the film are perfect and his performance is simply outstanding. It was magical.

When meeting Rami, he spoke about feeling honoured and humbled to have taken on the role. I was not familiar with him prior to the film, but I was deeply impressed with his acting. The film is named after one of Queen’s famous hit songs and is the ideal movie title because it sums up the spirit of the film.


I won’t give away any spoilers, but it was great to know more about Freddie’s family life, his original name and cultural background. (I even saw his sister at the premiere). Watching his journey to stardom is beautifully executed. This film digs deep giving us golden nuggets at every turn. You do not have to be a Queen fan to watch this but after watching the film you will sing your little heart out! I can’t get enough of the soundtrack.

This movie is amazing and has done the legacy of Queen proud. The script is well written the casting is brilliant and with the help of the original band members, the film will take you back in time.

I attended the film premiere for this fab flick check out a few snaps and an exclusive video I filmed from the main man himself, Rami Malek. Thank you for a great night.

Check out a few snaps I took below at the exclusive World Premiere


Creed II Trailer 

Hello Movie Fans, 

The handsome Michael ‘Bae’ Jordan has dropped the trailer for Creed II and I am interested. Adonis Creed is struggling with a few life issues, his personal duties V his training. However forced to face an opponent with links to his family, Creed & Rocky Balboa together  fight on.

MBJ has shown himself worthy and after his performance in Black Panther 😍 I’m invested. I’ve never been so in love with a villain he played KillMonger brilliantly! 
Anyway, I may have to recap on Creed to refresh my thoughts before checking out the sequel but of course here at CiciMustSee I’m bringing you my views! 

Check out the trailer below will you be watching Creed II? 

Skate Kitchen Film Review 

Hello Movie Fans. 

It’s Cici here, back at it again. 

I had the pleasure of watching a really interesting docufilm today. On the guest list at the lovely BFI film I had a blast thank you to the team for the invite.

This new film combines both  documentary and movie and is a really interesting mix. I actually really liked the movie. At times  it took me back to my teenage days when mum wouldn’t  let ‘you live your best life ‘because they just don’t get it. I’m sure we have all been there. 

This film shows an 18 year old passionate about the world of skating but her mother is not so keen and wants her to just be a girl and do girly shit.However the reality is this young woman has found the thing that brings her to life and is destined to inspire others and will do it regardless of what others think. 

The message behind the movie is girls can,women can and equality is at the heart of the film. Exploration of sexuality, drugs of course boy trouble, this film is all about just hanging out and being young! It removes the serious parts of life and pulls its viewers into a moment of pure chillin’. It’s a coming of age meets the young generation trying to find themselves and of course Instagram is at the centre! With a cool 90’s feel meets the mordern era this movie brings something fresh. 

What appears to seen as a “bro” sport skating is something girls do too and this was excellently demonstrated. While feeling slow at times (with the girl next to me falling asleep 👀) the movie takes a slower route but with patience its gets there. With lots of wide skating shots to popular music at times these girls felt like Superheros flying on their wheels taking over the streets of NY! 

Speaking to the director I asked her how did she blend the improvisational moments and the scripted moments and her response was “editing.” With swift smooth shots you could feel the real moments and the scripted ones and I liked the contrast. The ending was a struggling but evidently  with films of this nature it’s not easy to wrap up you just want to keep on going. 

Overall it’s a nice film well made with a simple but important message especially for the younger generation (minus the drugs) women can do anything and be a total badass at it! 

Skate Kitchen hits UK cinema September 28th 

See trailer here! 

SuperFly Film Review

Hello Movie Fans,

UK Cinema is bringing more diversity to the movie screens, and here at CiciMuseSee, I’m excited.

Superfly starring Trevor Jackson and Jason Mitchell is a remake of the 70’s classic Superfly.  Priest and his partner attempt to arrange a deal because this drug dealer is trying to get out of the drug game. Nevertheless, his criminal past holds him back and getting out is not easy. Facing rivals and gangs this corrupt lifestyle takes him on a difficult journey. Meeting two corrupt police officers and a bunch of enemies and double-crossers his path to freedom is a challenge.

Starring Trevor Jackson & Jason Mitchell
The film desires to take on the blaxploitation classic, and while a lot smoother than the original 70’s movie with glossy characters the film feels very long at times perhaps because we are introduced to the concept early on.  The film definitely looks superfly a fancy remake with exceptional visuals, costumes and hairstyles.  It could be argued that the original movie didn’t really need a remake but this is a decent watch, and what it lacks in originality it makes up in a fancy pizazz, merging today’s video culture with the old school 70’s vibe. For some, the message of the film may seem a little outdated, but for others, there may be relevance.

Check out the trailer for Superfly here!

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3 Cool Online Short Films!

The online space is opening doors for talented individuals to showcase their film skills.  Content creation is everywhere, and I have managed to pull myself away from a few London Premieres to take a quiet moment to enjoy a few shorts online, and of course, here at #CiciMustSee, I love to share what I’m watching. Check out my reviews on these 3 short films online. (In no particular order).




Exceptional quality short from @CdeeqFilmmaker based in the US residing in Atlanta this Director Writer and Filmmaker is doing it all. This exciting 4 minute short is gripping dark and consuming. With excellent effects and a compelling storyline, its complexity and character development are on an outstanding level. Atmospheric sounds and heighten emotions jam-packed into 4 minutes leaves the audience wanting more.

While there is an element of clarity still required this short is breaking into the superhero territory and there is room. As proven by Black Panther Black superheroes work and there is the space for new blood to join the world of black superhero excellence. Only 4 minutes long the taste for more is there, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this character. A work of art.

Check out HHELP below!.


Because of the Internet
Starring Romel Rose

2. Because of the Internet:

The fantastic Romel Rose (Director, Writer, Producer) stars in this 24 minute short neatly packaged with important messaging for a millennial audience. A young man finds himself snapping a few selfies on the gram, as his break up with his girlfriend inspires his journey to seek new found love.  Moving at a moderate pace, we are introduced to a few characters and the film elicits a real-life feel, allowing the audience to empathise with the reality of the internet.

With clean visual and quality audio, this short is well thought out, and its simplicity gives the audience space to think about the messages portrayed. The characters reflect the reality of the internet, and the on-screen graphics and sound effects fit beautifully into the film. The subplot was nicely introduced creating an understanding of why the main characters desire for female attention manoeuvred his choices. The film is very well put together with an all rounded superb effort from Mr Rose.

Watch Because of the Internet Now!



inside A Lost African Tribe

3. Inside a Lost African Tribe Still Living in India Today:

Be prepared to get your mind blown this documentary short is educational and the visuals are incredibly beautiful. For those that do not know Africans were stolen and taken to all parts of the world and in this short, we find ourselves in India with the decedents of African slaves. Mistreated by the Indian population, this short documentary is insightful and telling.

Living in hardship the only safety is in the forest the cinematography sounds and narration is the perfect guide. This 13 minute short is worth a watch and will challenge your perceptions on Indian Africans. Take a trip across the globe and discover this lost tribe.

Check out Inside a Lost African Tribe Still Living in India Today.



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Screen Unseen -Mystery Film Review 

Hey, Movie Fans!

I had the privilege of attending a Screen Unseen film, this week (for free) this is where you show up at the cinema with no idea what you are watching until you are sat in your seat.

I sat and waited patiently hoping it was not a horror, (for those that have been following me you’ll know Cici doesn’t do horror films lol)

Anyway, I know you’re all desperate to know what the name of the movie is but before I tell you I need to figure out where to even begin.




American Animals

Making $3.2 Million at the box office

We are taken on a journey with Spencer Reinhard, Warren Lipka, Eric Borsuk and Chas Allen.

These four guys are friends, and they live in Kentucky a small town very Suburbs. Warren, the ringleaders, decides to drag his mates into stealing costly rare books from the University. These books are worth millions of dollars, determined to get them Warren encourages this heist.

The film is a true story, and it literally gives the viewer that sick feeling, with cutaways to the actual men and scenes of the actors playing them this movie sits somewhere between a documentary and a film/ coming of age heist flick, an exciting mash-up and the fact that this is actually a true  story is mind-blowing.  It’s an excellent touch, with one or two hard to watch scenes but there are moments of feeling like this is the longest film in history. Yet with that being said, the visuals are great, and the camera angles allow the viewer to immerse themselves in it.

At times forgetting this is a real story until actual footage from news reports are inserted these men take a massive risk of trying to achieve their American dream.

I liked the concept of the movie but felt sad not sympathy but sadness. There was an attempt at obtaining sympathy but based on what was done well I won’t say any more than that.  For me, the film doesn’t feel like something you need to be at the cinema to watch but instead sat on you’re sofa at home watching Netflix would be the viewing location of choice, and while it is an exceedingly good film, it may be better received on a streaming service.

I give this film a 3/5. The actors who played the real characters were excellent, but the flow of the movie started and stopped a lot and at times felt frustrating to follow.

Overall good watch if you have some time.

BlacKkKlansman Film Review

Spike Lee has done it again and how the timing is so perfect!
Starring John David Washington, Adam Driver and Laura Harrier this film shows the truth and the reality of where we are as a nation. At the Live Q and A with Mr Lee, he mentioned the harsh fact of the alt-right rising up.

As I write this review, I’m reminded of the horror and the humour and how cleaver both Jordan Peele and Spike Lee worked together both of their personalities came through in this beautiful exchange.

So what’s the film all about?

Spike Lee delivers on this extraordinary true story of an American hero. It’s the early 1970s, and Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) who is also the fantastic Denzel Washington’s son becomes first African-American cop to serve in the Colorado Springs Police Division. Keen to do well on the job and make a name for himself, Stallworth bravely sets out on a suicide mission he literally goes and joins to expose the Ku Klux Klan. Recruiting his colleague, Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver), onto the investigation together, take down the extremist hate group. Produced by the incredible Academy Award Winner Jordan Peele, this film is exceptional

The film is hugely relevant and sadly very timely falling on the year anniversary of Charlottesville a racist riot lead by the KKK and other hate groups that took place last year in the USA.

The movie is current even though set in the 70’s the beautiful black visuals are sprinkled with melanin magic. The visuals showed proud black people with beautiful Afros seeking equality by any means, and today it just has not changed. Spike excellently flips between intense scenes of black and white people showing a clear divide, but we are united by Adam Driver and John David who make a great team infiltrating the “organisation”  together their relationship is what we need today both so different but work so well together.

Be prepared to be taken on a roller coaster of emotions because this film is not for the faint. Some may be saddened by the images while others feel a sense of normalisation which is sad in itself. However, the hardest part about watching the film is knowing it’s not actually over we are still living in a hateful world with hateful people and Spike transitions the movie into modern day beautifully and does this with the use of a brilliant dolly shot at the end of the film it’s the perfect segway.

All the actors did their part, and when meeting with Spike Lee, he spoke about the rise of the alt-right globally and the importance of getting out and voting.

BlacKkKlansman hits the UK cinema this Friday 24th August go check it out!

” Ya Dig” ✊🏾 #CiciMustSee “Right on”

Check out a few snaps from the preview show!

Comment below will you be watching?