Johnny Depp ‘dropped’ from Pirates Of The Caribbean

Allegedly Disney is replacing  Johnny Depp ‘s character, Jack Sparrow. They want to rework the franchise changing the character aiming to bring something fresh.

While Johnny is not to blame for the last few terrible films, perhaps it seems having a new character is what the new movies need.

After attending the premiere and watching film five, the movies have simply run their course.  However, money talks so I guess Disney will squeeze what is left out of the franchise. Getting rid of Johnny Depp is just not the answer or is it? What do you think? Let me know in the comment section what will save these pirates?

In the meantime, watch this clip of Johnny Depp speaking about how much playing Jack Sparrow means to him. He slips into the character so well and I think he will miss this role. However, a part of him may just be a little thankful it’s over.

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