Skate Kitchen Film Review 

Hello Movie Fans. 

It’s Cici here, back at it again. 

I had the pleasure of watching a really interesting docufilm today. On the guest list at the lovely BFI film I had a blast thank you to the team for the invite.

This new film combines both  documentary and movie and is a really interesting mix. I actually really liked the movie. At times  it took me back to my teenage days when mum wouldn’t  let ‘you live your best life ‘because they just don’t get it. I’m sure we have all been there. 

This film shows an 18 year old passionate about the world of skating but her mother is not so keen and wants her to just be a girl and do girly shit.However the reality is this young woman has found the thing that brings her to life and is destined to inspire others and will do it regardless of what others think. 

The message behind the movie is girls can,women can and equality is at the heart of the film. Exploration of sexuality, drugs of course boy trouble, this film is all about just hanging out and being young! It removes the serious parts of life and pulls its viewers into a moment of pure chillin’. It’s a coming of age meets the young generation trying to find themselves and of course Instagram is at the centre! With a cool 90’s feel meets the mordern era this movie brings something fresh. 

What appears to seen as a “bro” sport skating is something girls do too and this was excellently demonstrated. While feeling slow at times (with the girl next to me falling asleep 👀) the movie takes a slower route but with patience its gets there. With lots of wide skating shots to popular music at times these girls felt like Superheros flying on their wheels taking over the streets of NY! 

Speaking to the director I asked her how did she blend the improvisational moments and the scripted moments and her response was “editing.” With swift smooth shots you could feel the real moments and the scripted ones and I liked the contrast. The ending was a struggling but evidently  with films of this nature it’s not easy to wrap up you just want to keep on going. 

Overall it’s a nice film well made with a simple but important message especially for the younger generation (minus the drugs) women can do anything and be a total badass at it! 

Skate Kitchen hits UK cinema September 28th 

See trailer here! 


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