SuperFly Film Review

Hello Movie Fans,

UK Cinema is bringing more diversity to the movie screens, and here at CiciMuseSee, I’m excited.

Superfly starring Trevor Jackson and Jason Mitchell is a remake of the 70’s classic Superfly.  Priest and his partner attempt to arrange a deal because this drug dealer is trying to get out of the drug game. Nevertheless, his criminal past holds him back and getting out is not easy. Facing rivals and gangs this corrupt lifestyle takes him on a difficult journey. Meeting two corrupt police officers and a bunch of enemies and double-crossers his path to freedom is a challenge.


Starring Trevor Jackson & Jason Mitchell

The film desires to take on the blaxploitation classic, and while a lot smoother than the original 70’s movie with glossy characters the film feels very long at times perhaps because we are introduced to the concept early on.  The film definitely looks superfly a fancy remake with exceptional visuals, costumes and hairstyles.  It could be argued that the original movie didn’t really need a remake but this is a decent watch, and what it lacks in originality it makes up in a fancy pizazz, merging today’s video culture with the old school 70’s vibe. For some, the message of the film may seem a little outdated, but for others, there may be relevance.

Check out the trailer for Superfly here!

Will you be watching? Let me know in the comments.


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