Screen Unseen -Mystery Film Review 

Hey, Movie Fans!

I had the privilege of attending a Screen Unseen film, this week (for free) this is where you show up at the cinema with no idea what you are watching until you are sat in your seat.

I sat and waited patiently hoping it was not a horror, (for those that have been following me you’ll know Cici doesn’t do horror films lol)

Anyway, I know you’re all desperate to know what the name of the movie is but before I tell you I need to figure out where to even begin.




American Animals

Making $3.2 Million at the box office

We are taken on a journey with Spencer Reinhard, Warren Lipka, Eric Borsuk and Chas Allen.

These four guys are friends, and they live in Kentucky a small town very Suburbs. Warren, the ringleaders, decides to drag his mates into stealing costly rare books from the University. These books are worth millions of dollars, determined to get them Warren encourages this heist.

The film is a true story, and it literally gives the viewer that sick feeling, with cutaways to the actual men and scenes of the actors playing them this movie sits somewhere between a documentary and a film/ coming of age heist flick, an exciting mash-up and the fact that this is actually a true  story is mind-blowing.  It’s an excellent touch, with one or two hard to watch scenes but there are moments of feeling like this is the longest film in history. Yet with that being said, the visuals are great, and the camera angles allow the viewer to immerse themselves in it.

At times forgetting this is a real story until actual footage from news reports are inserted these men take a massive risk of trying to achieve their American dream.

I liked the concept of the movie but felt sad not sympathy but sadness. There was an attempt at obtaining sympathy but based on what was done well I won’t say any more than that.  For me, the film doesn’t feel like something you need to be at the cinema to watch but instead sat on you’re sofa at home watching Netflix would be the viewing location of choice, and while it is an exceedingly good film, it may be better received on a streaming service.

I give this film a 3/5. The actors who played the real characters were excellent, but the flow of the movie started and stopped a lot and at times felt frustrating to follow.

Overall good watch if you have some time.

2 thoughts

  1. I agree, Definitely one to look out for on your streaming service of choice.

    “Coming of age heist flick” sums this up for me, well put!

    Great review CiCi


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