City Of Lies 

Hey Movie fans!! 

I’ll just start by saying this film is a #CiciMustSee. 

Starring Forest Whitaker and Johnny Depp the murder of 2pac and BIG has never been solved and omitting all the rumours  this movie aims to expose a city of lies. 

It is no secret that when powerful black people influence the masses they become a threat to the system and for those of you that are unfamiliar with history explaining this is beyond the scope of this post. 

However, City of Lies is unlike the typical Pac and BIG flicks after 20 years the fans and the people want to know the truth but will this movie do it? I can’t say as I’m yet to see it, but the curiosity in us all wants to know. 

While there is no UK date I’ll be sure to keep an eye out and for my US crew this one drops in September 2018

Checkout the trailer below. 

Will you watch?


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