Black Lightning Vs Luke Cage 

This post is for the superheroes fans!

If you don’t know, Black Lightning has entered the Netflix collection, and I’ve decided to analyse Marvels Luke Cage alongside it. There may be some spoilers so if you are yet to watch you may want to skip this post.

Black Superheros are on the rise, and I’m here for it. It’s great to see a different view, we have been to Wakanda and discovered the African skies and the Black Panther, so now, let’s hang out with Luke Cage and Black Lightning.

About Black Lightning (BL)

BL is a high school principal in a place called Freeland; he has retired from his role as Black Lightning after it impacted his marriage and his lifestyle. BL played by Cress Williams, is desperately seeking a healthy life, but when you are a superhero, everything is far from ordinary. Trouble arises again, and BL is forced to return.



  • It is great to see such a diverse cast and new actors on screen. New faces make it easier to buy into the characters
  • BL  is a great male role model he is a high school principal and genuinely cares about his students
  • BL beats the stereotypes that are usually used to portray the black family. Although he is separated from his wife he has a healthy parental relationship and the family dynamics are relatively positive.
  • BL wife is a Neuroscientist this is usually a male-dominated role, but she owns it
  • BL is about keeping the streets and the school safe


  • The writing is not persuasive, the script at times seems to fall short
  • There are many unexplained elements, and when mentioned it is uncovered by using a simple line from a character, and it feels lazy
  • The acting from the main villain is very wooden and very theatre
  • BL’s suit is not thought out the goggles are not enough to hide his true identity and the lightning bolts on the chest don’t work
  • Difficulty understanding the location is it a real place or fake?
  • The LALA storyline needs further explaining (very weird)
  • Not the highest budget, or a variety of locations 
  • Ending was dissapointing who does the mother know and did they help? 

This series is watchable, it’s something new for us in the UK as this is far from regular TV.  Check out the trailer for Black Lightning here.


About Luke Cage (LC)

LUKE giphy

Luke Cage is Marvels superhero; he came on the scene at a time when Black people needed him most. Set in the tough parts of new york and police brutality Luke Cage is on a Mission. I’m patiently waiting for a Season 2, but for now, there is enough on Netflix to keep us all occupied.


  • Big names and exceptional acting, everyone is excellent on screen, and all the character takes this fictional world into the real world, and that transition is so smooth
  • Cotton Mouth is the best Villan, you always know you have a great villain when you like the character, (it’s the same feeling you get with Killmonger in Black Panther (Shout out to Michel b Jordan), its all about the villains we love
  • The depth of the storyline is brilliant and the way the subplots beautifully intertwine work well
  • Its great Cage doesn’t have a superhero outfit, that makes it feel real, even when alluded to
  • The hooded sweater Cage wears bring so much symbolism around the BLM movement and what it means
  • I was first introduced to Rapper Jidenna from Luke Cage, putting real artist as a part of the show gives that authenticity
  • The marvel universe intertwines well with Luke Cage; he doesn’t feel like a stand-alone character
  • Beautifully done (for the culture)


  • Not enough episodes
  • Taking far too long to return
  • Villian is gone too early
  • The ending could have been better, felt a little rushed


In conclusion, while Black Lightning is an easy watch, it doesn’t have the same quality as Luke Cage. Details and depth displayed in Luke Cage, and for the most part, the pace gives the audience time to marinate on the artistry. The exclusive artists and actors took Luke Cage to a different level. Luke this one goes to you. New Episodes for Luke Cage arrive June 22!

What are your thoughts on the two shows? Comment Below


3 thoughts

  1. Hi nice comparison, but i find one additional point on this. All things said, BL actually addresses societal problems like racism and gun violence, while Luke is more about aesthetics of the culture.

    On the disguise bit, wasn’t it shown in first (or 2nd) ep that people can’t look directly at BL & see clearly – like his face looks buzzed or something to others?


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