3 Films that are a #CiciMustSee 

Hey Movie Fans, 

Check out my short list  of film you must CiciMust See! What are your thoughts? Comment below let me know!!! 

1.Avengers Infinity War  (April 2018)

The first of an Epic two-part instalment of the MCU’s Avengers. This film is a Cici MustSee as it brings together the largest ensemble cast of Big Name Hollywood actors ever assembled in film history. “There’s nothing fun about re-balancing the universe” (Thanos)… Maybe if your the guy doing the rebalancing or the unfortunate souls trying to stop him, but for the rest of us this is fun on Coke! (Coca-Cola the caffeinated highly sugared beverage known to lead to hyperactive behavior of course).

We can’t wait to watch as Thor, Hulk and the remnants of Asgard head to Earth on a Collision course with the Gaurdians of the Galaxy. 

 Thanos and his legion of Universe destroying Minions, the current roster of Avengers Oldboys, and the new recruits (Spidey, Doc Strange, and The Black Panther). There is going to be so much going on they had to spread it over an action-packed adrenaline pumping two-parter. The hype is so high the only way for this to go is down. So Fingers crossed it doesn’t disappoint but even if its slightly off the mark it could well be the best thing on screens this year or for the next few years. IMO (In My Opinion) it can’t go wrong! Go watch it!

Release date: April 27th


2.Kings (April 2018)

Can we get a mention for the Sister Halle Berry at next years Oscar’s as she brings the Real Life story of the fallout and aftermath of the Rodney King incident in LA to the big screen. In this gritty hard hitting film about a woman trying to do the right thing by her family she is forced to bring up her young Black boys and girls in a world that doesn’t see them as equal or even human. We have not seen Berry in a while so it always a delight even though the movie is a tough watch. 

The film humanizes the black family despite it being in its most impoverished and destitute showing the love that exists there in the face of hatred. 

It doesn’t shy away from the violence that was invoked at the time or the racial tension that existed but gives us a beacon of hope in the Mothers relationship with her Neighbour (Daniel Craig). What I take from this film, is that even in the darkest of places we must find the light and head toward it. Looking forward this one, another #CiCiMustSee! Go Watch!

Release Date: April 27

3.Solo: A Star Wars Story (May 2018)

Much like the MCU, Disney in its capitalist World encompassing quest for total Box Office domination is churning out its bi-yearly filler story in the chasm between the main canonical installment of  Star Wars films. This year Solo: A Star Wars Story gives us some backstory to our friends Solo and Chewy and how they met. It is filled with some familiar faces (or voices) and with the extremely talented Donald Glover taking up the role as Lando Calrissian, and Lupita Nyongo reprising her role as Maz Kanata an acquaintance of Solo’s first introduced to viewers at the end of his life in the main Star Wars timeline. With the relatively unknown Alden Enrenreich taking up the leading role as Han Solo. Worth a watch especially if your a Star Wars Geek.
Release date: May 25th


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