Sweet Country Film Review

I got the privilege of watching Sweet Country and spoke about it on the TV show London Film Club. For those that missed it, the upload will arrive soon so stay tuned. In the meantime check out some of my thoughts on the film below.

Set in the 1920’s Australian outback this Western brings something unique in its style. Sam Kelly is an Aboriginal man who kills a White man in self-defence, and we are taken on a journey while he is hunted down.

Director Warick Thornton incorporates  Aboriginal people into the film seamlessly, bringing to life a story that’s frequently hidden. The Aboriginal people have and are still suffering in their land, and there is no justice. With a beautiful landscape set against harsh reality, Sweet Country takes its time to educate you. Films like this don’t come around often, and it presents as a hidden treasure.

The story of the black man suffering is not unique as most of us know the oppressive history but the film targets its audience well and challenges the idea of a “sweet country” however, the truth is the country has been built off the back of horrific torture and abuse. The film alludes to this through one man’s story and focuses on his journey.

The leading actor Hamilton Morris delivers, and we buy into his character. Sam Neil is a great peacemaker and plays a preacher showing compassion, believing all people are created equal and gives a soft edge to the film.  Sweet Country delivers and while the ending feels slightly rushed the movie takes you on a path worth following.

Check out the trailer below. This one is a #CiciMustSee




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