If you have not seen this movie go and see it. It is unapologetically black and beautiful.  Check out my spoiler-free review right here.

First of all Micheal B Jordan is terrific in the movie. His performance as KillMONGER embodied the character. He is cold, and chilling the crazy type of villain that makes you curious about him I know, it sounds twisted. Let me explain. Jordan used Killmonger to highlight the impact of being a black man in America who gets separated from his Wakanda roots. He showed the greed Killmonger learned from the west and the idea of love is gone. Even when experiencing loss and pain it merely fed the darkness within.  Killmonger is angry, frustrated hurting and wanted to take down all who stood in his way. While the character is dark there is an understanding, he wasn’t a villain for the sake of being one, there is a hardship felt that only a people could truly understand. The characters and the concept was created during the civil rights era and for the film to be truly  appreciated understanding the origins of the comics helps. 

mike giphy.gif

Chadwick Boseman is the perfect Black Panther, it took me a while to get used to his accent, but Chadwick held it down, and after a while, you learn to accept it. His character is kind, caring and while he is struggling with being the Black Panther, when he is around there is a sense of safety in the midst of danger.  His calming nature a side that is often not reflected on the screen when portraying a Black man came forth, and it was epic. His relationship with his little sister is so lovely to see, and he is continuously sourrounded by strong women its perfect.

It is beautiful to see a familiar face in Letitia Wright when we spoke she was delightful. Watching her play Shuri is so exciting, it is always great to see a young woman live her dreams.  When talking with LW, she shared her faith with me and how much it means to her, and this links beautifully with her character in the movie. She is excellent in the film and is a phenomenal actress on the rise.


Danai Jekesai Gurira wow! This woman showed what black women are made of. Powerful, boldly beautiful, and will stand up for a good Black Panther.  Her beauty rained supreme in the movie, I love her passion for Wakanda and her willingness to die to serve her country. It makes perfect sense her country loves her and she loves it. Okoye is a real soldier, and she defends the throne she and Lupita are the representations young black girls need and their performance together is excellent to watch.


I have got to give it up to the OG’S in the game from way back in the day Forest
Whitaker and  Angela Bassett when Aunty and Uncle are in a movie you better get ready to pay attention. While they didn’t have huge roles in the film, their presence is always felt even when they are not shown. Two of my favourites on screen at the same time, the joy is real.

aunty giphy.gif

I can’t say anything wrong about the film because there is nothing wrong to say. The pages of the comic book come to life and if you really  understand the Marvel Universe and the historical origins this movie will not be dissapointing. The film is so impressive, visual effects are epic, and Wakanda looks excellent (I’m working on my citizenship). It’s so good to see the positive representation of black identity on the screen, it’s long overdue, but with the success of Black Panther, I’m sure there will be more to come.

Black Panther beautifully highlights the aspects of Africa that isn’t taught. It’s a movie that challenges misconceptions and tears apart stereotypes. 

Black Panther is 100% excellent make sure you check out the extended trailer for Black Panther here:




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