Mudbound Review

Mudbound will move you yet leave you still.


Laura McAllan (Carey Mulligan) and her children live on a farm in Mississippi Delta. Laura does not seem to enjoy this place it’s uncomfortable for her children. Her husband (Jason Clark), dull and methodical in his ways doesn’t really appeal to her. However, her brother in law Jamie does, and she can hardly hide it. Jamie is sent off to war but returns troubled with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

In the deep Jim Crow south where racism is very much alive, Ronsel Jackson is also sent out to fight for his country, but on his return, he learns he is not respected as the other American soldiers. He is reminded to use the back door and not the front, and he is faced with cruelty.

Mary J Blige a singer-songwriter does a fantastic job of playing Ronsel’s mother. She is a God fearing women but often keeps her self to her self. Her Husband, Hap Jackson (Rob Morgan) has bold ideas and keeps their family smiling as best as he can but its hard in the deep south for black families.

Jason Mitchell who plays Ronsel performance is outstanding. His character is strong but is forced to endure a horrible time not so far in history.

The director Dee Rees takes you on a journey, and the film shows life through the eyes of both families. The occasional narration throughout is a nice touch guiding you through the movie and gives us further insight into the characters.

Hap Jackson is a preacher at a church he built doing his best to encourage his community through the difficult times.  Praying for his Son’s safe return the family are forced to work hard for the McAllen family.

Each character brings an excellent on-screen performance, the script is so beautifully written the cast so full of depth and by the end this movie will sit with you.

Mudbound is the kind of film that leaves you a little speechless, the ending is beautifully done with potential alternative interpretations, it’s slow to start, but its beauty is all in the details, and in a time where everything is so fast, this movie operates at a pace worth watching.

This Movie gets 5/5 Stars. Check out Mudbound now on Netflix! See Trailer here!



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