Historical Content on Netflix

Hey, Movie fans and TV Watchers.

Have you seen any of the following on Netflix? I recommend watching the suggestions below. 




If you can’t handle trauma you might not be able to handle this. A strong man name Noah is a slave in the 1850’s. Fed up of the abuse, pain and suffering he decides to escape the plantation. Banding together with other slaves they make an attempt to run. Created by Misha Green  (“Sons of Anarchy”) and Joe Pokaski (“Daredevil”) this series is gripping, emotional and intense.  Co-produced by John Legend (whose choices of music selection is questionable at times) has put this show together very well.  Don’t be afraid to learn what only ended 153 years ago so make sure you check out the series now  on Netflix. 


2. The Musketeers


17th Century Paris, finds Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan who all are  committed to the king and upholding justice. However, the Musketeers face a battle to keep the order. Together they must protect the King and overcome plotted sabotage. This series is exciting and is a great UK produced series. With 3 seasons you’ll find yourself lost in this world. Check it out on Netflix.


 3. The Crown

the crown giphy

This award-winning show is excellent. Netflix’s original drama shares the life of our Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy). Based in the 1940’s to modern times, the series looks at the Queen’s reign. With politics, gossip and historical information on the royal family, this series is very well made. It requires patience as it’s relatively slow but dive in and get involved. The second season isn’t as good as the first but it still stands strong. 
Let me know what you think what will you watch? What have you seen? 



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