Bright Film Review

Will Smith can take on any role and be excellent his likeable personality makes him fun to watch. Unfortunately, this film is very messy and is not Will’s best flick. We are used to seeing him in a cop role it’s not too far out of his acting zone, his performance is generally good, but the movie just isn’t!

Bright displays a combination of characters, Orcs, Elves, Fairies and Humans all existing alongside one another. We meet two police officers, one Human one Orc. They must work together despite their differences, and this idea is excellent, it plays on the notion”we all have our differences, but we can all get along.” The film uses this social commentary to relay diversity, and it uses enough similarities of real-life events to give the audience an understanding of who Orcs and Elves represent in society.

Will Smith says the line “Fairy lives don’t matter today” was in poor taste, what was the purpose of it? The movie wanted you to know who Orcs represent in real life and as Orcs are ugly big beast creatures what is the film indirectly trying to say?

In the opening scene, we are pulled in, and we see creatures living beside humans, the segregation and the conflicts gradually occur, however, the film takes a turn  down a very violent and dark creepy world that creates questions like “what is the point of this film?” The social commentary that they tried to pull off seemed to fade into the background, and there were too many scenes with no real explanation.

With magic and demons being the centre of the film, the storyline just does not develop. The movie felt like a mad version of Men in Black, and it was far too over the top with a strange agenda.

There were many scenes in the film that were not explained, and there wasn’t an apparent reason for why so many random activities were taking place. The audience was forced to endure a film that told the ending very early on, and the whole Bright concept became very predictable.

Noomi Rapace plays the twisted evil character very well although she doesn’t really speak much. The costumes and the makeup are all very believable however the overall storyline flops.

Overall Bright is a buddy cop, a thriller which tried to blend too many genres together.


It’s nice to see Will Smith taking the lead and Joel Edgerton being the slightly clumsy Orc cop but the movie is drenched in rituals spells and various other stuff that didn’t feel right. Will Smith has plenty of other films and as hard as this review is to write (Will your still so excellent), but the truth is you are totally better than this movie.

So with that being said, it wasn’t for me, but Director David Ayer is still fresh and the attempt was much appreciated!!!! 

Bright is on Netflix now!

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