The Crown Season 2

Hey, movie fans and TV watchers!!!

I’ve finished watching the Crown season 2 and for those of you that have no idea what I am referring to The Crown is Netflix’s very own series on Queen Elizabeth and the royal family.

I’m not really into the whole Royal thing, I wasn’t expecting it to be as good, but honestly, this series is excellent! We get the opportunity to see behind the scenes of the family, and Claire Foy plays a fantastic young Queen. Matt Smith plays Prince Phillip, and he does it really well. His harsh and inconsiderate comments are well timed and according to the show very Phillip.

The second season did surprise me I learnt how the Duke became Prince Phillip and the cheating scandals were intense. It is hard to tell how accurate the series really is, but it gives you an idea about the life of the royals and the various experiences encountered.

If you decide to watch this I recommend taking your time with the series, there is a lot to digest and binge watching is not a good idea.

Many have argued The Crown has turned into some sort of soap, I disagree soaps never have an ending, and all the character are 2d.  The Crown is filled with so much material a season 3 is definitely in order. All the actors in the series do their part, and they do it so well. , The queen’s sister Margaret is by far one of my favourites. I have no idea if the portrayal of her is accurate, but the character is this frustrated smoker who loves the lifestyle of being royal but wants to be a rebel and desires freedom and marriage with a thirst for independence a new type of conflict which plays well on screen.

The budget for the series was in the millions, and it is very pronounced. The scenes, the actors, clothing, the glam it’s all there, and with a huge HD tv, it looks fab to watch.

My only main issue with the show is the accuracy, yet it does give you a chance to do some homework so get out your old history books! After some of the episodes, real images are shown which depict some of the stories and does indeed answer some of those questions. However,  I don’t wish to spoil it, so I’ll keep this very vague if you do watch it let’s have a chat in the comments section below 🙂


Check out the trailer for Season 2 here.

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