Is suits season 8 coming back? 

So who’s watched all of suits? Its such a great series but I’m wondering if there will be a season 8. 

Soon to be Meghan I mean Ducthchess Meghan will no longer be taking part and it almost feels like the illusion of the series is broken. 

Although she is not the star of the show, she is one of the supporting characters. Meghan is no longer allowed to take selfies with the public and will never be able to return to acting ever again.  

So what is the solution to ensure we get a good season 8? I’ve been debating with a few friends and they are calling for the show to kill her character, (I’m thinking of getting new friends) I mean how crazy is that. So as this is my blog  I think she should just be replaced. It’s fine if you disagree but wait for my logic. 

(If you have not finished the 7 seasons stop reading now)

So you have decided to keep reading which means your up to date, so you’ll know Rachel and Mike get Married and at the end of season 7 Donna kisses Harvey. So… to keep the franchise alive, just replace Meghan with a look a like?   Or ….another idea would be to not show her face, like in Big Bang Theory we never saw Wolowitz’s mother but we heard her, then gradually fade Rachel out, but no killing!!! My third idea is to let Rachel move to England and marry the Prince. I mean it’s not unbelievable is it. 

Either way what are your thoughts should the suits family bother with season 8? 

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