West of Jordan River Film Review

I had the privilege of attending the screening for the documentary West of Jordan River. Controversial director Amos Gitai makes a return to observe the Israelis and Palestinians since his first 1982 documentary Field Diary. 

Often featured on camera his hard-hitting interviewing style combined with his willingness to gain an understanding from the Palestinians, this documentary is thought-provoking and moving.

The documentary shows a powerful scene with Amos and a young boy who wants to die. He looks about 10 years old and has given up on life. Watching, the audience is saddened by this and find it hard to grasp.

We see a moment of bonding throughout the documentary and conflict. Gitai takes his audience on a  journey, and we are encouraged to pay attention. The large text used as transitions reminded me of newspaper headlines which gave the documentary a nice creative element.

When speaking with Amos he mentioned wanting to show the relationship and the views of the people, to understand the separation and the desire for peace.

Overall this is a decent documentary, but if you are not familiar with the dynamics in Israel, you may struggle to follow.

Rating: 3/5

Amos Gitai
Image is taken from CiciMustSee




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