What Happened to Monday?

This Netflix Original is definitely different. Starring Noomi RapaceWhat Happened to Monday?’ will get you asking some serious questions. While the curse words in the movie feel entirely unnecessary, the concept of the film is entertaining.

In a world that only permits families to have just one child, the overpopulation has caused the government to crack down on siblings.  However, these septuplets are on a mission to avoid government execution.

If you’re looking for something a little out of the box you’ll get this here. Rapace, does a great job playing seven people. Named after the days of the week, she gives each character their own identity and it’s pretty believable. The twisted leader of the one child only movement is played by Glenn Close and she makes a great villain.

Catch this one on Netflix and find out ‘What Happened to Monday?’ 

See the trailer below.


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