American Made Review

Tom Cruise is back!  This film is one to watch. We finally get to see the Tom Cruise we all know who is no longer restrained by  a franchise movie. Cruise has been a movie star for 3 decades, and whilst some people don’t like him others still do.

American Made isn’t a unique concept but it will keep you engaged.

Tom Cruise plays Barry Seal, a pilot for TWA, who gets recruited by the CIA. He later becomes in charge of one the largest CIA operations in the history of America. Bored of the day-to-day working life, Seal gets caught up in drugs, guns and smuggling.

Based on a true story, we learn the in’s and out’s of this dangerous activity and its risky business.

Domhnall Gleeson plays the under-cover CIA agent and we learn who he is, and how he connects with Tom throughout the movie. Using a handheld 80’s camera, Barry takes us through the story documenting his travels, Cruise does his own flying and totally dominates in this movie. We hardly notice the other characters in this film, it really is all about Tom Cruise, so if you are a Cruise fan then you’ll love this.

Sarah Wright plays Tom’s wife and we see great banter between them, however she was a little under used by Liman. Wright felt more like a prop than Tom’s wife and he underplayed how important her reactions to significant events in the film would be to the viewer.

The film moves pretty fast and takes you on a few interesting flights. American Made  is lots of fun and Tom Cruise is all about the charm, we can’t help but root for him.

American Made is out now. Check out the trailer below.

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