Logan Lucky Film Review

Directed by Steven Soderbergh Logan Lucky stars Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Riley Keough and Daniel Craig.

Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) and brother, Clyde Logan (Adam Driver) believe they are an unlucky family. Clyde and sister Mellie (Riley Keough) all believe in a family curse, and Jimmy gets fired and finds himself out of luck. His ex wife (Katie Holmes) wants to take his child (Farrah Mackenzie) out-of-town. However, without a lawyer or money there isn’t much Jimmy can do, so Jimmy plans a heist with his brother Clyde and Sister Mellie, they just need to break Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) out of jail to do it.

The movie has it’s funny moments, but very audience specific.

The all-star cast makes for good summer entertainment but this movie misses the mark. Soderbergh announced his retirement from movies back in 2013 but has decided to resurface and we expected more, the film is a slight rip of the Oceans trilogy but with a twist. Logan Lucky is dependent on the cast and some parts feel like improvisation. The characters are southern with deep southern accents and are not the brightest, but Daniel Craig is by far the star of this movie and this role is very different to what he has done before.

Nice to see Daniel Craig play a deep southern criminal.

Written by Rebecca Blunt (If there is a Rebecca Blunt)  Soderbergh has a history of using pseudonyms and rumors have quickly swirled that he has written this movie, perhaps he spent the last 4 years working on it? The film is not terrible but it is a little over rated and whilst there is some humor a lot of it feels forced. The gummy bear bomb by Daniel Craig is just too clumsy and Adam Driver’s arm getting lost in a vacuum, just doesn’t come off right.

If you are not a “Game of Thrones” fan then the jokes on you, because you’ll have no idea what the lengthy joke in the prison is all about. Furthermore, it seems the heist plans are clear to the team, but we as the viewer find out later and as the standards are low we just go along with it.


The ending was poor, but if you want some more, there may just be a sequel.

Overall if you have some spare cash, you can check this one out at the cinema, but there isn’t much urgency. Perhaps you can wait for it to hit your Netflix library?


Released Friday 25th August in the UK

See the trailer here.



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