Don’t know what to watch at the Cinema? Check out these 3 films you must see. 

You want to get out to the movies, but you have no idea what to watch. Check out my list below. Let me know what you think of  these films, which ones have you seen? 

  1. Spider-man Homecoming

Rated as the number one movie of the year, Marvel fans stand up you’ll be happy with this one. Excited by his events with the Avengers young Peter returns to live with his Aunt. Parker embraces his new founded identity as Spider-Man. I really enjoyed this movie the humour is very well placed. Check it out and compare it to the others. 

2. War for the Planet of the Apes

This movie is fantastic. Waging $57 million at the box office this movie is pretty epic. Make sure you check out the previous films. Andy Serkis performance as Caesar is Oscar worthy. His delivery, and his style is excellent. Forced into deadly conflict, the apes suffer tragic losses. Caesar takes on his darker inner voice and begins a quest of his own. The graphics are so good, you almost forget this films is about a bunch of apes running around. It’s deep stuff. 

  3. Baby Driver 

Whist the name of this film is a bit of a let down. The movie itself is excellent. With strong performances and creativity, this film is fresh fun and thrilling. This talented Baby driver meets the woman of his dreams and wants to ditch his crime lifestyle, however it not so easy, Baby must  handle the his life. I like Kevin Spacey in the movie he plays the crime boss well. Check out Baby Driver it’s a good one. 

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