The Boy with the Tape on his face! Aka Tape Face. 

If you are looking for an evening filled with laughter and slap -stick comedy, this one man show will do the trick. Neatly put together, Sam Wills  has made it big time, starring in his own West End show! 

His ability to silently communicate to his audience with the help of willing volunteers is great fun. Inspired by the likes of Charlie Chaplin and the great mime experts, his routine is simple yet witty. Creating something out of nothing, telling stories and using his imagination this man is seriously talented. 

The audience participation gives the show that little something special. There is just something about him, the gothic look reminds me of Edward Scissor hands and I love his wide expressive eyes. His wacky personality controls the audience and we all can’t help but go along with it. 

I never thought I’d laugh, if I’m honest I thought this isn’t going to be funny at all and I’m not sat on an isle seat. Great I’m stuck! However, I was wrong. It’s really good.  Make sure you check out Tape Face at the Garrick Theatre it’s loads of fun. 

Cost :£20-25

Location: Garrick Theatre 
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