Check out my review on this UK thought provoking theatre play!

I had the privilege of attending the play Terror at the Lyric theatre.  The run time for the play is 2 hours, including a 15 minute interval and this play is a rather interesting piece.

Get ready to become a part of this murder case. A hijacked plane is on its way to a packed football stadium. Taking on the plane and ignoring orders, a fighter pilot shoots it down and kills the 164 on board, but saving 70,000 people. Put on trial and faced with murder his fate is in the hands of the audience.

The idea is creative.  However, the stage presentation was far from engaging. Von Schirach has accomplished extending a really simple script by  implementing good ideas. Yet, whilst we are the jury in this case, it doesn’t feel like it. The stage doesn’t change and we are looking at the same visuals throughout. Each lawyer argues their case really well, and ends with their closing statement. Audience members are to vote using a device attached to their seat after hearing the evidence presented in the courtroom.

When I watched the play, the verdict was not guilty by 61 per cent. I like the idea of giving the audience the power, it is interesting and ironic. We are deciding the fate of a man who decided the fate of others. This offers many compelling concepts and whilst the play is filled with passion the delivery required more variation.

  • Cost: £15-£35
  • Location: Lyric Theatre
  • Available till: 15th July




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