Based on the trailer should you watch this movie? 5 signs to consider!

It’s hard to know if you will enjoy a film before viewing it, and the trailers can often be misleading. They aim to show the best parts of the film by choosing the most exciting scenes. OK, so I understand the trailers are promotional material used to get you and all your friends lining up at the cinemas, however, here at CiciMustSee I want to help you save your coins by making sure you see films worth watching.

Check out these 5 signs before spending your dosh.

  1. Who is starring in the movie? Find out who is starring in the film. What are their credentials? Have you seen them in a movie you liked before? These are all valid questions. Checking out their record is very important. If an actor has a reputation of bad movies, then it’s possible you may be let down. However, if you can count on their hit films you shouldn’t be too disappointed. Now some of you might be thinking what if  a new actor  is on the scene? Well, fear not simply find out more information about them.
  2. Who is backing the film? Production companies all over the world, produce some amazing films, so make sure you find out as much as you can about them. Remember,  it comes back down to credentials and reputation we are all about branding and trust, so if we know the brand you are more likely to trust the movie.
  3. What’s the genre? What type of genres are you into? If you hate ROM-Coms them you will automatically dislike the movie, why? Well, you are biased, so make sure it’s a genre you like or at least think you’ll like. If you are open to trying something new, you can always take the risk. 
  4. Have you seen the first one? If you have not seen the first movie you may be at a disadvantage. Check out the first film before rushing off to see the new ones. This will help you understand what is going on! If the film is the first of its kind or a stand alone story, then this isn’t something to consider.
  5. What’s the plot? Has the trailer given you a clear plot without giving away the whole film? If yes, then that is a good sign. Too much info in a trailer is a sign of a movie trying to prove itself. However, too little detail is just as annoying. Get a good understanding of the plot to help you make your choice.

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