5 Feel Good Films for #FlashbackFriday

Check out some of these old school, feel good comedy films for #FlashBackFriday!

  1. Barbershop (2002) 
    A funny comedy about life in a barbershop, located on the south side of Chicago. Calvin played by rapper Ice Cube inherits a barbershop and is struggling to make ends meet. His father has passed away and he wants to keep the barbershop and its legacy going. Released in 2002 the second in 2004 and a third in 2016 this Barbershop franchise is a feel good film for sure. Directed by Tim Story this film grossed 77.06 million at the box office.
    bab shop giphy
  2. Blue Streak (1999)
    Thief Miles played by Martin Lawrence decides to hide a diamond before he’s arrested. After his two years serving, he returns to locate his diamond, however the place he once left his treasure is now a police station. Miles pretends to be a transferred police officer all in an attempt to get his diamond. Directed by Les Mayfield Blue Streak was released in 1999 making 117.7 million USD.
    blue giphy
    3. Coming to America (1988) Prince Akeem played by Eddie Murphy is a prince of a rich part of Africa. He is in search of a wife to love him for who he is. Akeem flees to America with his sidekick, Semmi played by Arsenio Hall. Discovering life in America is a little different, Akeem is on a quest to find his queen.
    coming to Am giphy

    4. Bad Boys ( 1995)  Two detectives  are left to protect a murder witness while investigating a case of stolen heroin. With arguments and conflict along the way these two have a huge task on their hands.  Starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence this buddy cop movie is a classic. The second was released in 2003 and talks of a third movie to appear in 2019. Directed by Micheal Bay, these bad boys are boys for life.


  5. National Security ( 2003) Martin Lawrence stars as Earl Montgomery.  Meeting with a cop who sees Earl trying to get into his car, the situation gets out of hand and the cop is thrown into jail!  They later team up in a weird kind of way.

martin giphy

Check out some of these flashback classic comedy movies. Let me know which ones you watched in the comment section below.

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