Review: Wonder Woman is one to watch.

Gal Gadot enters our screens as she delivers an excellent performance as Wonder Woman.  Although she is never called Wonder Woman, this fresh and exciting film vindicate DC’s record of bad movies. Wonder Woman is easily the best DC film since The Dark Night films and what a relief. We all know how terrible Batman v Superman was.

Directed by Patty Jenkins this film takes us on a path to discovery. We all know Hollywood’s track record when it comes to female leads and directors, yet this film shows us why Hollywood needs to wake up and get with the times.

The beautiful fight scenes, combined with slow motion action make for magnificent viewing.  Themyscira is home to the Amazon women, based on Greek mythology, these women were created by Gods to show people their true powers. They became separated from the humans, as they were once enslaved. Infiltrated by the Germans the women must fight to defend their home. The combat is powerful, and the opening beach scene is almost a battle of the sexes. With bow and arrows ready to kill, they slaughter the Germans in the most picturesque styles, showing their ability and strength. 

Wonder Woman maintains your attention throughout, the witty banter between Pine and Gadot is fun to watch and their on-screen connection produced a chemistry we are accustomed to seeing. Gadot understood the role of Diana very well and she truly became Wonder Woman. Robin Wright played Antiope superbly, although her accent was a little jarring, she portrayed a tough element which worked for the character.

Whilst some of the other characters are a little under used and some almost felt like props, the film charmingly addresses Wonder Woman’s innocence. She has no understanding of the outside world and the film excellently addresses the sexism in that time period. As she leaves her home and visits Earth she doesn’t understand this world, men own everything, wars and destruction everywhere, how can she begin to fix this?

The movie is not perfect, yet it addresses a range concepts, from female empowerment, love and trust. Whilst Diana isn’t strong in mind, her physical strength makes her interesting. The ending, raised some fascinating questions which most super-hero movies fail to do. What if war isn’t something you could make disappear? Or, how can there be a super hero in a world that doesn’t welcome them?

However, DC played it safe and stuck to its usual formula. That doesn’t mean the ending was bad, it means there were some missed opportunities. Although critics have been very harsh on this film, the movie is very strong. It is exciting, thrilling and engaging, and must not be missed. It’s an inspirational film and it’s great to see a female character in this role. Wonder Woman dominates, and for some that may feel a little uncomfortable.

Wonder Woman hits the Cinema June 2nd 2017!

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