Netflix’s War Machine is a bit slow.

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War Machine is released on Netflix and the critics are calling it a disappointment. Starring Brad Pitt, this movie looks at the true-life account of  Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, and his scandalous remarks about the Obama administration.

This reflective and insightful film looks into the war in Afghanistan, shedding light on the experiences on the ground. Slow with minimal combat, this flick differs  from your traditional war films. If you are after action packed viewing, you may want to give this a miss.

Based on the book The Operators by Michael Hastings, McMahon played by Brad Pitt is described as a “believer” and the believers believe they will overcome all odds. 

With some interesting messages and the concept of wars being pointless, this film aims to make a strong point that in history wars have been fought by two parties, nations or groups defined by uniforms, who ultimately kill until there is a winner. Yet, in this circumstance, these conflicts are fought on an insurgency basis. An insurgent is any person who picks up a gun and starts killing and this is what has made these wars challenging.

The film addresses the issues of not being able to tell the differences between an insurgent and a civilian making these wars impossible to win. Yet here we have Gen. Glen McMahon, who has given himself the title of being able to win this war.

The misguided self belief of an aging military man, who wants recognition for one last blaze of glory. Glen faces many conflicting messages and political vs military interventions.

The film overall is very slow, but that suits what they are trying to do as war is a slow process.  If you are having a lazy afternoon,  check out this flick, it is nice to see Brad Pitt again, but this movie is simply average and is far from excellent.

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