Can we give it up for Hasan Minhaj!

We just need to take a moment to appreciate this talented brother known as Hasan Minhaj. This stand-up guy has gone from strength to strength and he is killing the comedy game. 

Born in California, heritage from India, Minhaj is a senior correspondent on the daily show, but as he begins to construct his own lane, Hasan is showing he is worthy of the spotlight. 

Brand new to Netflix, this special is very cleverly put together. Giving us a back story on who he is and where he’s from, Hasan shares stories from his childhood. Minhaj is not afraid to tell us about his family, jokes about his sister appearing randomly out of thin air, unaware she is his sister and of course how upset he felt when she showed up.

His mother and father lived apart for 8 years as his mother Seema patiently awaited an American visa.  Forced to travel backwards and forwards, Hasan demonstrates the struggles of missing his mum, his first love and life in America.

Enjoying the nostalgia of having to “fire up the internet, like cave men” choosing to either be on the phone or on the internet, Hasan gives us insight into his life as a teenager. Flashbacks of old photos and beautifully crafted stories, we are taken on a roller coaster journey.

Understanding his pain, and the treatment he experienced as a Muslim boy in America, faced with racism, abuse and frequently confused about why he isn’t being treated equally, Hasan shares interesting moments on-screen to demonstrate the impact his experiences had on his upbringing.

This Netflix special is a #CiciMustSee, so get ready to chuckle and be introduced to this guy who is really going places. (FYI screw you Bethany ha-ha just kidding.) Seeing Hasan let that whole situation goes, even though it was really messed up and twisted was a beautiful thing and if you want to know what I’m talking about watch the special.

See the trailer here:


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