Why you need to watch Get Out! Review 

Many congratulations to Jordan Peele and the success of his film Get Out. Released March 17th in the UK this film is the first of its kind to hit UK cinema. With theatres full to capacity and the buzz on social media, it’s classic horror tactics were creatively executed. Starring Daniel Kaluuya a young man from London masters his American accent, and portrays the character of  Chris excellently. Chris is worried about meeting his girlfriend’s parents, however, she reassures him they will be fine with him being black and stresses they are very liberal minded.

With comedic elements, Jordan Peele has done something many have not been able to do. He has visualised the black experience. For 1hour 44 minutes, everyone watching will have the opportunity to witness some of the conversations, descriptions and seemingly innocent micro-aggressions that many black men and women face. It’s thought provoking commentary, blends well with humour, the movie isn’t your typical horror but the film touches on the idea of the horror in the black experience and the varying types of horrific treatment in correlation. The film uses music to guide the story, & varying sound effects get you feeling a little jumpy throughout.

Whilst some may believe this film to be controversial or racial divided,  in the UK race is rarely discussed and open conversations are important to help create better relationships. The film touched on very in depth issues that could easily be missed and requires deep thought to understand the point behind the movie.

To be told you are “Fast” “Strong” or “Beast Like” may seem like compliments, but the reality is, they are not.  To look at someone and believe these narratives are very dangerous for the development of our society. The film uses a story to highlight the deeper issues of race and this is fitting to today’s current affairs.

Get Out has made history, the film aims to show an experience that is not often told. The creative writing, music choice and style is something very original to screen but for some, there are scenes that may seem all too familiar.
See the trailer for Get Out Here:

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