No Alternative Facts here: Trevor Noah’s Netflix Special! 

The intelligent, hilarious individual known as Trevor Noah has arrived on Netflix with his excellently crafted comedy special. Touching on critical societal facts, from sexism to racism this special will make you laugh in ways you didn’t think you could.

With comments like  “Jesus is black, but he’s played by a white man so why can’t Idris Elba be James Bond” Noah cleverly touches on topics to educate and inform his audience and of course make you giggle.

Just so we’re clear this special isn’t only about race it’s about reality and race is a part of reality. So for those who wish to shy away from facts and want alternative ones well, this comedy special isn’t for you.

Fans of Noah know what to expect. His political views,  his distinctive accents, and his passion for exploring cultures and different parts of the world will keep you engaged.  Watching Noah’s comedy is a perfect opportunity to step outside of your own ideologies and merely explore a world with a young man who was born a crime.

Trevor has a great way of discussing topics that some may find controversial yet somehow use them to educate you and make you laugh.

I enjoy watching some of his older work too, but there is space for this guy living his dream and being on stage in New York.

Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark is on Netflix now check it out!

Trailer here:


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