Deidra & Laney Rob a Train Netflix Original Review

Deidra & Laney Rob a Train was first announced by Netflix last year. This March, these two girls do something no one should ever attempt to do. After their mother gets locked up in jail, these two sisters turn to train robbery in order to make ends meet and support their family.

This isn’t a bad movie but it wasn’t as great as the trailer. It appeared like a long episode of something cool and there were parts of the film that dragged. However,  with a relatively thin plotline, there is only so far you can go with a film like this. The casting seemed a little confusing and the mother and father were not believable. Yet, if you’re looking for something light to watch on Netflix then it’s a good one to check out.


Directed by Sydney Freeland this film does what it says on the tin these two girls do what they can to survive in a strange comedic kind of way.

Check out the trailer here:

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