Urban Myths

Michael Jackson’s Family Dislikes ‘Urban Myths’ Trailer.

As the Jackson family question where the respect is for their loved one, Joseph Fiennes is busy making the most out of playing Micheal Jackson.

The controversy about Fiennes playing Micheal comes from the fact that Jackson was a black man and Fiennes is not. This portrayal  is just incredibly rude and wrong.

The  TV film trailer that was release on Tuesday, has stirred up some  outrage.  Jackson’s daughter Paris and nephew Taj,  both voiced their feelings on Twitter. They were unhappy with this film and felt it was extremely disrespectful.   See tweets below.


Many are calling this film insensitive and I must say that  I totally agree. Now that little skip jump Fiennes does in the trailer was comedic timing, but still, leave MJ alone. Jackson was different and had some issue but this film looks ridiculous and disrespectful! Thankfully the sketch with Jackson has been cancelled. That’s right people those Twitter fingers work, there is so much power in social media.

See the trailer here.


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