Moana: Review

Moana will have you laughing, tugging at your emotions and will take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

From the makers of Frozen comes Disney’s Moana. This animated film takes us on a journey with a teenager who sails at sea to prove herself worthy to her ancestors. Moana meets a high and mighty demi-God Maui (Dwayne Johnson) and they take on the open ocean.

This musical tale of a Polynesian girl reminds us of the classic Disney Films such as Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. Moana voiced by Hawaiian actress Auli’i Cravalho is a strong female heroine. Making it known in the film that she is not a princess she isn’t the typical Disney character. In the movie, Dwayne Johnson pleasantly surprises us with his singing voice. His vocal range is pretty good and the songs are a treat.

With an interesting array of characters,  Moana is a funny and well-crafted film that puts a great twist on Southern Pacific culture.  It’s inclusive casting is another winning feature to the film and the whole family can appreciate this movie.

Initial release: November 23, 2016 (USA)
Directors: John Musker, Ron Clements
Box office: 240.7 million USD
Budget: 150 million USD
Language: English

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