I Am Bolt: Review

Sometimes I wonder if I’m still fast.

‘I Am Bolt’ gives us an inside look into Usain Bolt’s life. The documentary gives us the opportunity to explore the world’s fastest athlete. Using clips from the Olympic games and Championships, Usain Bolt takes us on a journey to life behind the scenes.  Coming from humble beginnings we see Usain’s parents and the home he grew up in. We weren’t lucky enough to see his mansion but we did see his golden car.

Exploring the beautiful islands of Jamaica and experiencing the island lifestyle, we meet Bolts friends and management team. The documentary is the perfect combination for Jamaicans to reminisce on their origins and home life. Observing the images of Jamaica and hearing the cultural mother tongue of Patois; the audience see two sides to Bolt. Not often do we hear Bolt using his mother tongue but in his cultural setting, we are exposed to this with a combination of captions used to translate.

Bolt and his coach Glen Mills have a wonderful relationship. We see the laughter and banter between the two and the methods Mills uses to push Usain. We learn that Usain likes to party and have fun but the life of an athlete doesn’t always permit that.

The rivalry between Gatlin and Bolt is addressed, with the documentary showing video clips of Gatlin exclaiming his ability to beat Usain Bolt.  Being the competitor he is, this pushed him to work harder and faster, often cutting his legs in the process.

Serena Williams and other exceptional athletes share their thoughts on Bolt exclaiming that he transcends race, religion and country. The film suggested that people around the world demonstrate their support for Jamaicans even when cheering for their own team.  The documentary used a range of footage from professional shots to armature video clips. The direction and narration was straight forward, however, some aspects felt repetitive.

The Jamaican team wasn’t featured often. There were some clips of Blake and Asfa, however surprised that Elaine Thompson the female Jamaican Sprint Champion was not mentioned.

The documentary used elements of comedy, the audience laughed at Bolt attempting to sing an R.Kelly song. His lively personality was present throughout the film and his love for his country and his people was clearly illustrated. With Jamaica being one of the financially challenged Caribbean Islands, this movie shows that money doesn’t make the man, people and culture do. Jamaica is rich in culture, love, food and talent. Powerful and inspirational people are made in Jamaica and Usain Bolt has left his mark.

If you are a Bolt fan and want to experience his culture and how he prepares for his sport, you can watch ‘I Am Bolt’ on demand now.


Watch Usain Bolt give an exclusive  speech here:


Check out the trailer below.


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