After Daniel: Review

After Daniel, is a true, heartfelt feature film by Peter Bach.  The theme of loss is explored and we are taken on a journey into a woman’s thoughts. Surrounded by sorrow and beauty, creativity and sadness, Bach transcends barriers often linked to bereavement.

The film displays the pain, the love and the fond memories of a widow. Daniel Phelan, a strong, powerful, passionate man has passed on, yet his beautiful wife Cathy Phelan encapsulates his existence and his final moments through an exquisite sculpture of a horse. The sculpture is made out of pieces of written information, personal to both Cathy and Daniel.

We see Cathy sharing her most private and precious memories about her late husband, whilst creating a master piece. Her art work is exceptional and through her pain and loss, she leans upon her artistic talent as a source of comfort. The choice of sculpture shows us how important Daniel was to her. Loyalty, love and strength are all characteristics often attributed to horses, and the delightful symbolism is the perfect way to represent her husband.

This deep and non-scripted narrative shows the raw reality of life and death. The film shows the challenges of losing a loved one, however we are given hope through Cathy’s determination, upbeat personality and her outstanding art work.

I felt comfortable with the subject because I trusted it wholeheartedly.

Says Peter Bach when asked about the film.

Meeting with Cathy and Peter at the BAFTA screening was a pleasure. Cathy is passionate about her art and sharing her story.

Peter Bach took a painful experience and turned into something hopeful, this can be hard to do, yet he accomplished it beautifully.

The unveiling of the horse sculpture was a stunning feature which complimented the night. This was truly a wonderful way to remember Daniel Phelan and the full life he lived.


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