London Live Cici Exclusive 

Hey all, 

I hope you watched last nights show. We had a laugh indeed! 

The London Film Club will be on this Saturday at 11am, so you can catch up if you missed all the action. 

 Jack Reacher 2 is back and yesterday Tom Cruise was in town. Check out the trailer , for this flick and let me know what you think. 

Phantom boy was another film we spoke about on last nights show. It wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t the Pixar quality we’re use to seeing in today’s animation scene. 

See the trailer for this superhero kid Phantom Boy. I’m not sure this will catch on, but you just never know.  We rated this flick 2/5 popcorns

The team and I rated Ouija Orgins of Evil a 3/5 (it got a 2 from me) As you all know horror is not my genre at all! If you wish to watch the trailer it’s online. I can’t even post the trailer on here. #TooCreepy 

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