Surviving Compton: Review

‘Surviving Compton’ is a film about a talented woman who experiences domestic violence by one of the world’s most iconic rap figures.  Michel’le, a singer, desperately wanting to obtain a successful career but instead receives a life of abuse. Viewers are shocked to see the use of violence, aggression and force used within the film.

‘Straight Outta Compton’ was a huge hit for the cinemas in 2015. The film showed the lives of the rap group NWA.

However, Michel’le a gold selling recording artist claims she worked very closely with the rappers, yet her story wasn’t included. Nevertheless she has decided to tell her side of the tale and shares her distressing, abusive experiences in ‘Surviving Compton’.

We are shown scenes, of a young woman and we witness parts of her childhood. Her family explained to her at a young age that domestic violence is something a woman should put up with. Throughout the film we see and hear Michel’le narrating and viewers are pulled in by her claims.

The movie was emotional, with troubling scenes, yet it has shed light on the reality of domestic violence. Few people could share such a personal painful past on an open platform for the world to see. Below are some tweets from people who watched the film.

Many are calling Michel’le brave for sharing her story even though she has faced serious backlash from the rapper Dr Dre. See the trailer for Suviving Compton here:

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