Urban Hymn Film Premiere & Review 

Last night, I had the honour of attending the film premiere, Urban Hymn. I met with the cast and the director Mr Michael Caton-Jones & it was a pleasure to be in the company of such talent.

Jamie Harrison (Letitia Wright) a young girl living in London is experiencing tremendous distress. After losing her mum to addiction and being forced to make her own way in life, Jamie has given up on everything and will overthrow anyone who attempts to comfort her.  Nonetheless her hidden talent shines as she sings her way to a new beginning.

I asked Letitia

How long have you been singing?

She replied

Well, that was my first real time.

I was so amazed, so humble, kind and talented. Her faith in God is extremely inspiring and she is a true example for young women today.

Leanne Dixon (Isabella Laughland) plays a dark and dangerous character. She will stand by “her” Jamie and will not let anyone be an obstacle. Isabella does a fantastic job playing the character, & she brings an edge to the role. I enjoyed meeting Isabella, and we even took a selfie together.

Kate Linton played by Shirley Henderson is a woman in despair.   Attempting to cope with her grief, she becomes a social worker to her local community. We learn more about Kate and the struggles in her personal life. Shirley bring an emotive element to the character engaging the audience with her caring nature.

The film is set during the London 2011 riots and uses clips from that period to set the scene. We are reminded, that regardless of an individual’s past everyone deserves a second chance.

Urban Hymn captures something that most films struggle to do. It doesn’t just end when the credits appear, its purpose is to raise awareness by working with ChildLine/NSPCC. Not only is the film well written and directed, it is thought provoking and takes you out of your comfort zone.

Conversely, the film required an element of diversity in its representation of the city.   London is a very diverse place and at times the film did not feel as though it was set in the capital.

Written by Nick Moorcroft and directed by Mr Michael Caton-Jones the film was selected in the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. In February 2016 Glasgow Film festival held a gala screening and the film was hailed as moving, powerful, and socialist. Urban Hymn has gone on to receive excellent reviews.

One lady said:

It’s not my type of film, it’s not something I would normally watch, but I’m so glad I did.

Starring Letitia Wright, Isabella Laughland and Shirley Henderson, check out a few snaps from the premiere and see the trailer right here.

Urban Hymn hits the cinemas 30th September 2016



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