Swiss Army Man

Harry is all grown up and he no longer wishes to be called Harry so stop it all of you.

So what’s this film all about?  Daniel Radcliffe is showing us that there is more to his life than Harry Potter. In this movie we see a very different side to him.

So let me give you the plot line.

Hank (Paul Dano) is stranded on a deserted island, lonely fed up and bored. He decides he wants to kill himself. He finds a rope and ties it around his neck and prepares to end his life. As he is about to let go a man appears. The man is washed up, on the sand dead (Daniel Radcliffe). The man is filled with gas & farting like crazy. Hank decides to use this gas filled man to make it back to the  mainland . We then go on an adventure with a talking dead man.  Yeah I know very odd . Yet looks very beautiful


See the trailer right here.



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