Boo! A Madea Halloween: Review

Tyler Perry’s most popular character has hit the cinemas ‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’ was wooden with elements of humour and slapstick. Madea’s character works really well in the form of a play, but somehow feels very dated on screen. There was something nice about the Christian messages in Tyler Perry’s plays enabling fans to join in with the songs and the acting. These days Madea’s purpose seems a little redundant. If she isn’t shouting insults and being extremely over the top, she being enormously stereotypical.

Ultimately, Madea is Tyler Perry dressed up as a woman and that whole ‘Big Mamas House’ thing is so outdated.

The plot focuses on Madea trying to keep her niece away from a Halloween party. Madea’s nephew Brian (Tyler Perry) request that she comes over to his house to keep an eye on his daughter Tiffany.

Tyler Perry casts a number of YouTube sensations to try and attract a younger audience to the film, but due to the nature of Madea, I’m not sure if that angle was a success.

The film was  long and repetitive in some areas. It was a slow burner to begin with and some scenes didn’t look very convincing. It seems as though this film was all about seeing how far this Halloween idea could go. The attempt of doing something different was much appreciated but knowing Tyler Perry movies well, I’ve seen him do work much better than this.

It wasn’t a terrible movie, but felt rushed in parts.  I like  Tyler Perry’s previous work, his plays are creative and expressive, and his movies often have nice lessons attached.   However this movie lacked some of the old Tyler Perry’s inspiration.


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