City Of Lies 

Hey Movie fans!!  I’ll just start by saying this film is a #CiciMustSee.  Starring Forest Whitaker and Johnny Depp the murder of 2pac and BIG has never been solved and omitting all the rumours  this movie aims to expose a city of lies.  It is no secret that when powerful black people influence the masses […]

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Black Lightning Vs Luke Cage 

This post is for the superheroes fans! If you don’t know, Black Lightning has entered the Netflix collection, and I’ve decided to analyse Marvels Luke Cage alongside it. There may be some spoilers so if you are yet to watch you may want to skip this post. Black Superheros are on the rise, and I’m […]

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Ready Player One Review 

If you want to watch an over the top Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film you’ll find it here. Ready Player One didn’t do what I expected. While the concept of a computer game being the centre of the worlds universe, sounds interesting the movie didn’t deliver in ways it could have. The plotline of […]

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3 Films that are a #CiciMustSee 

Hey Movie Fans,  Check out my short list  of film you must CiciMust See! What are your thoughts? Comment below let me know!!!  1.Avengers Infinity War  (April 2018) The first of an Epic two-part instalment of the MCU’s Avengers. This film is a Cici MustSee as it brings together the largest ensemble cast of Big […]

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Sweet Country Film Review

I got the privilege of watching Sweet Country and spoke about it on the TV show London Film Club. For those that missed it, the upload will arrive soon so stay tuned. In the meantime check out some of my thoughts on the film below. Set in the 1920’s Australian outback this Western brings something […]

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